Add Style To Your Jeans With Pieces Of Fabric


The jeans with tears have come and gone over the past 30 years. And while they do not usually go out of style easily when they have discrete breaks, there are times when they “tire” visually. Therefore, some people decide to stick pieces of fabric to their pants.

While it is true that the pieces have been poorly seen at some moments in history, today can be seen as an original touch, fun and cool in clothes such as jeans . There are a thousand and one ways to place them, in greater or lesser contrast with the predominant fabric; everything depends on the taste and creativity of each one.

Undoubtedly, the pieces of fabric help to extend the life of the garments. Next, we will go deeper into this.

What are the pieces of cloth?

The pieces are pieces of cloth that have been left over from other crafts. Its main function is to disguise broken and decorate a garment. At various times in the history of fashion, as in the 90s, they became very popular; above all, in windbreakers and pants.

Although previously it was more frequent to find them in children’s fashion, they can be found in various garments for anyone. And today they are marketed and everything, with or without adhesives. Some are sewn, others are stuck (with or without help from the heat of the iron).

It should be noted that those that are sewn tend to hold more time, however, the adhesives can be peeled off after several washes.

The best are those that are sewn to the garments . Although they are also more difficult to place if you have no experience with the needle and thread. And, of course, the seam must be hidden inside the jeans.

As for the design, there is a wide variety. There are sequins, very sophisticated and worked and others simpler. Therefore, each person can find and use the one that most attracts attention.

Examples of pieces of cloth

The pieces of cloth are of all tastes and colors. We can find, as mentioned above, from cartoons to onomatopoeias to more comic style or pop fashion . It is clear that the former tend to be more for children’s fashion. But, for more adult people, there are not only dolls and caricatures.

The pieces of fabric that could be considered more “all public” are the typical roses or flowers that even, sometimes, are already incorporated into jeanswhen we buy them in stores. This trend positioned very well a couple of years ago . As for pop fashion in the patches, it may be the most innovative and visual.

In these pieces of cloth, we can find, today and above all, the typical emoticons of the most used social networks. For example, the fruits , faces, and so on .  Therefore, these patches may be more related to youth fashion and be more fashionable.

Thus, we can appreciate that the idea that the patches are only for bikerjackets  has changed. We will no longer only see patches on television as a football shield on shirts or in war movies. Since the catwalks have picked up this tool to put it in style.

And not only in jeans, these patches have been introduced in all garments. Far away is that mental image that the patches are placed on the knee area of ​​the pants of young children. No, now we can even find them at the poles, women’s blouses or jackets.

As well as accessories, such as handbags, purses or shoes. For that reason, do not be surprised if in the next elegant dinner you find a person with a garment with pieces of fabric in the best pop style .


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