How To Grow Tomatoes Unlimitedly With Only 4 Slices


Did you know that only four slices of this fruit are enough to achieve a plant that supplies you with it? The process is economical and not at all complex: we tell you how to grow tomatoes in an unlimited way.

In addition to being an essential ingredient of many recipes, the tomato is a fruit – because it is the part of the plant that contains the seeds – with a host of beneficial properties for the organism. Among them, we can list its important contribution of vitamins A, K and C and minerals such as iron and potassium.

Likewise, it also stands out for containing fiber, which makes it effective against constipation, and a natural diuretic . They can not be left aside, either, its positive consequences for blood circulation and maintenance of the skin.

Due to its indisputable uses and advantages, the tomato is one of the fruits – many consider it a vegetable for the use it is given – most valued all over the world. If you agree with this notion, you are surely interested in knowing how to grow tomatoes in an unlimited way with just a few slices.

How to grow tomatoes unlimited

By cutting only four slices of tomato, you can obtain a homemade plantation of this fruit with a really low investment. You want to know more?


The first thing you have to do is, of course, fill a large pot with dirt. Next, cut four thin slices of a tomato and place them directly on the ground, preferably separated from each other. This way, you guarantee that all the seeds get to make contact with the soil.

Before proceeding, we leave you a very useful recommendation: to avoid wasting food, you can take a tomato that is too ripe, or even one in poor condition. This does not affect the achievement of a healthy plant, which is what we are looking for here.

Next, you must pour another layer of earth on the slices of tomatoes. It should not be too thick, since we want the seedlings to sprout after a while.

Precisely, this growth should begin to show itself from a few weeks after sowing . From there, all that remains is to transplant the seedlings that grow the most to an independent pot or directly to the ground. The goal is to not compete for nutrients with less healthy plants.

Care that the tomato requires

From the moment we sow it, the tomato plant needs a daily watering, especially at the beginning and in its growth. Then, when it starts to bear fruit, it is advisable to reduce a little with watering so that the flavor is better concentrated; logically, we must prevent the plant from wilting.

In addition, the transplant that is performed when the first seedlings sprout is extremely important ; the roots of the tomatoes require a lot of space to expand.

On the other hand, remember that this type of crops need sunlight to grow healthy. Therefore, place them in the most enlightened place in your garden.

As for the substrate, we must have an organic one to fulfill our goal of growing tomatoes in an unlimited way. Nitrogen is a fundamental nutrient for this type of crops; Some ways to add it are the following:

  • Add composted manure.
  • With coffee grounds or fixing plants like beans.
  • Remove the top layer of soil and place earthworm humus.

Ultimately, it is worth noting the need for tomato plants to receive sunlight. For that reason, it is not the best idea to cover the earth with a mattress of leaves of other plants, as is usually done.

If you decide to do it anyway, since it is practical to conserve moisture and prevent diseases in plants, do it after the earth has received a good dose of sun.

Advantages of growing tomatoes at home

Growing tomatoes unlimitedly can be an activity that, in addition to being an excellent introduction to the world of gardening , can help the whole family to eat a healthy and balanced diet . As we said, it is a very nutritious fruit.

Also, there are economic factors that arise from growing tomatoes at home: especially in the winter, this fruit usually reaches very high prices. So, what better than to take them free of our own garden; even without having invested almost nothing for their sowing.

Finally, it can also become a great hobby and a way to teach children values ​​such as responsibility, the value of saving and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Wherever you look, growing tomatoes unlimitedly at home brings benefits.


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